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The education industry must adapt to the challenges of containing costs, differing views on standardized learning, competing for students, and adapting to changing economic needs.

Our team understands the ever-lasting challenges faced by many universities and colleges, from the need for better e-learning environment to integrated student information management system, we leverage the latest web technologies to empower online education, training programs, enhance student learning and expand access to higher education. We adopt unique strategies to overcome these challenges by forming education partnerships, adapting to new technologies, and developing customized and personalized learning programs.

Our solutions include designing, development, installation, deployment and training of the developed software applications. We also help customers in developing integrated learning solutions, computer based training consoles/applications and customized education portals and products.

Our Education Portfolio and Capability includes:

Web based E-learning and LMS Solutions

Centralized School Management Software

Educational Website Design & Development Solutions

Library Management Systems

Educational Game Development

Cross-platform Educational Mobile App Development

Custom Application Development (Cloud based, Mobile Apps)

Following services are being provided for Education industries:

Infrastructure Management Services

Software Development/ Mobile Apps Development

Software Testing (Exclusive Test Lab at offshore hosting various devices)

Big Data Analytics