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Out-of-the-Box Healthcare IT Solutions

Mobile apps have gained tremendous importance in the healthcare industry due to rising health consciousness and the explosive growth in smartphone users. The portals and apps developed by SCS connect the patients with right practitioners and hospitals. Our deep domain understanding and global delivery model bring excellence and uniqueness to every project. We capitalize on leading edge technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud, mobile, analytics, and wearables to deliver impactful and mission-critical solutions. The mobile app solutions designed by our healthcare software experts help users get personal assistance, track health progress, and also improve patient-healthcare professional interaction.

Our Offerings

Healthcare IT Consulting

Strategic planning to integrate advanced technologies such as cloud-based solutions, mobile computing, and big data.

Digital transformation

Product implementation consulting

BI/Analytics-Based Solutions

Enterprise warehousing (EDW) and reporting solutions

Data modeling

Master data management (MDM)

Data quality enhancement

Data governance


State-of-the-art backup and recovery systems

HITECH & HIPAA compliance

Secure access to sensitive patient health information

Prevention and protection against external and internal network attacks

Secure claim activities and other medical transactions

Mobility & Web Solutions

Healthcare information exchange software and apps

Real-time access to patient information

Cloud-based HIPAA-compliant mobile solutions

Appointment booking and scheduling software and apps

Hospital asset management and tracking solutions

Remote health monitoring solutions

Data Management

Enterprise data warehousing

Virtualization and cloud solutions

Clinical analytics

Business intelligence

Secure environment for data transmission and storage

Real-time data capture and processing

IT Infrastructure

Cloud hosting (AWS)

Database services

Virtualization solutions

Data center consolidation and hosting

Enterprise systems and network management